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FAQ (last updated 7/22/2013)

Can I use kinkmeme stories as fills for other challenges?

As long as it's okay with the other mods, yes.


Can I write stories featuring characters from other fandoms in the X-Men Days Of Future Past setting?

That sounds like a fusion you should prompt in those fandoms' kink memes! Here, at least one of your main characters needs to be a DOFP character.


Are crossovers and fusions okay?

Of course! If you want a Back To The Future fusion where Charles and Erik take a DeLorean back to the 1970s, then you are awesome and should feel awesome. And then prompt it.


Can I repost prompts?

Prompts can be reposted six months after the original prompt was posted. Please link to the original prompt in your repost; the repost will be frozen.